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  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club
  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club
  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club
  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club
  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club
  • Leighton Buzzard Golf Club

OUR COURSE, a hidden Gem

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A delightful golf course set in rolling parkland on the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire borders

Established in 1925 as a 9 hole layout it has evolved into a very attractive course with a charming characteristic.  The simplest way to see what we mean is to book a round of golf, as a description however well written, will never do it justice.  Or you can simply watch our film below, that shows the delights of our course filmed from a drone and enjoy the same views seen by the red kites and buzzards that swoop in the skies overhead.


  • The 11th is a truly stunning par 3 that drops down a tree lined valley.
  • The 18th is a great finishing hole. Play it well and the wine tastes better after the round.
  • Par 5’s don’t have to be 700 yards long to present a challenge; ours require plenty of skill and judgement.
  • Two driveable par 4’s - if you have the courage and ability!
  • Click HERE to download our players guide.

Our gently rolling course winds through a beautiful, tranquil parkland landscape.

Take a bird’s eye view.

1st Hole


A straight away par 4. From the tee the fairway slopes to the left. The left side of the fairway is the best side to play into the green on approach, hit to the right side of the green as the ball tends to bounce left.


2nd Hole


A pretty par 3 that is narrow to play into. The widest part of the green protected by a bunker is the front portion so play to that area. Do not get sucked in to going for the flag if it is at the back as over the back of the green runs away towards the trees.


3rd Hole


Take the driver or not to take the driver. If you know you can carry the fairway bunkers and can control your driver then go for it. The bunkers are approximately a 200 yard carry so perhaps the more sensible option is to lay up short of them and play into the green from there. Playing into the green all of the trouble is at the front or the side so make sure you take enough club.


4th Hole


Tee off on the right side of the tee to hit towards the left side of the fairway as everything runs down to the right. Going to the right of the hole when playing into the green is not the where you want to be as well as hitting the ball over the green. So do your best to play to the left and let the contours help you out.


5th Hole


A straight away par 5 that goes over a hill. Be careful playing your second shot off an uphill slope and remember there is a pond just over the hill on the left. Once past the pond it is all downhill. When playing into the green the ball can run through so choose your club wisely.


6th Hole


A beautiful par 4 with a strategically placed bunker on the right of the fairway. The green has a narrow opening well protected by bunkers and accurate club selection is essential.


7th Hole


From the tee it is approximately 220 yards to the red and white marker post. The sensible shot is to the right of the oak tree, but if you fancy you can hit the ball over the oak tree then have a go. Once on the fairway it is a clear view to the green but playing down the left side is your best option for a line in to the green.


8th Hole


The goal here has to be the marker post. That is the safe play as left is out of bounds. Once there, you are playing downhill into the green. It is best to play for the right side of the green as the ball tends to bounce left. Be careful with club selection as many people hit through the green as they don't take into account they are playing downhill.


9th Hole


A tough par 3 that plays longer than the card says. That is because it is uphill. It can be difficult to know where the wind is coming from so make sure you have a look at the clouds to find out the wind direction. Take an extra club to make sure you get up to the green.


10th Hole


Another beautiful hole. A challenging dog leg left overlooked by the enthusiastic clubhouse balcony. Tee off on the left side to hit out to the right of the fairway where there is more room. From there you will see the green. Club selection is vital as going over the back or hitting the ball to the right of the green will be costly.


11th Hole


Our signature hole and one of the most beautiful in the county in our opinion. A tight little tester with an accurate iron needed to find the undulating green. Staying below the hole or to the left side of the green is the best shot to play.


12th Hole


A dogleg left par five. Tee off from the left of the tee to hit out to the right and avoid the pond on the left of the fairway. Once on the fairway make sure you clear the first fairway bunker and play short of the fairway bunker approximately 80 yards short of the green. This is a long sloping green so be sure to play below the hole to have an uphill putt.


13th Hole


One of my favourite holes on the course as it is good long par 4. If you can manage the 230 yard carry over the left fairway bunker then give it a go. Otherwise hit out to the right of the fairway bunker as going left into the rough is a big mistake. Follow the fairway down to the hole but when hitting into the green make sure you aim slightly to the right as the ball normally bounces left. Stay below the hole as this is a large sloping green.


14th Hole


The 14th hole is a fairly short par 3. Off the back tees it measures 149 yards and the ladies tees are 140yards away. The main obstacle of the hole is the cross bunker at the front of the green which takes a 130 yard shot to carry so taking a slightly longer club would be a good idea as there is only a slight drop off the back of the green. The left hand side of the green is the safer side to aim at as the slope of the land and green will bring the ball back to the centre of the green. Club selection is all important as the green is two tiered and you could end up with a very long putt if you’re on the wrong tier. 


15th Hole


The 15th hole is a dogleg left par 4 with plenty of trees to the left. Off the tee try to play to the right so you don’t have to hit your second shot over any trees. The green is slightly elevated so you need to take this into account. The green is guarded by a bunker front left so favouring the right side of the green is better as there is also a bank to the right of the green which can help bring the ball back onto the putting surface. 


16th Hole


The start of our famous three finishing holes. A straight enough view over the mound from the raised tee that puts a priority on accuracy. It is all carry when playing into the raised narrow green so make sure you have the correct yardage to carry the ditch at the front.


17th Hole


A short tight hole that is the ultimate temptation. Just remember the punishment is severe if you miss the fairway so choose your club carefully. When playing into the green stay below the hole and err on the left side to avoid a walk down the stairs to search for your ball in the trees.


18th Hole


The perfect finishing hole, a superb dog leg right to test the nerves. An accurate tee shot is required to find the fairway and the ball will bounce to the right when it lands so aim for the left side. When playing from the fairway you need to take care as you may well be playing from a sloping lie. The green is double tiered so do your best to hit onto the correct level, otherwise you will have a tricky putt to deal with under the watchful gaze of the clubhouse gallery.

Plan of the course

Plan of the course